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From time to time, we post articles to offer insight into our basic approach to marketing communications, and guidance for do-it-yourselfers all over the web. Need an original article for your website? Contact us.

SEO Beyond Keywords — Strategies for New Websites

The secret to SEO is thoroughness! Take your SEO strategy beyond keyword optimization — Seven methods for more prominence in results and more eyes on your website. (more)

Best HTML Tags for Keyword SEO? Just Remember the Word “THIMBLE”

Use this handy mnemonic device to remember the best HTML tags for keyword SEO. “T” is for Title. . . “H” is for Headers. . . “I” is for images. . . (more)

Keyword Strategy for Beginners — Selection & Competitor Analysis

A beginner’s guide to free tools and methods for keyword research: selecting keywords and keyword competitor analysis. Step one for do-it-yourself SEO. . . (more)

Why Use WordPress? Advantages for Small Business Websites

Why use WordPress for your small business site? WordPress advantages: Communicate more rapidly. Collaborate more easily. Easily expand functionality. Future-proof your site. . . (more)

Media Outreach: Meet Journalists’ Needs, Get Media Attention

Turn reporters’ needs into successful outreach. Get media attention by helping them sell your story to their editors and tell your story to their readers. . . (more)

FREE Brochure Design Services for Small Businesses

How professional brochure templates + FREE graphic design services = big savings for small businesses. . . (more)

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