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Fancy List Cleaner

Remove unwanted items from any list.

The Fancy List Cleaner lets you work with lists of items separated by characters other than the standard line break. You can clean a list of addresses, for example, that are separated by two line breaks. You can clean a list of items separated by commas, even if your list of unwanted items is separated by slashes or semicolons. You can even use the Fancy List Cleaner to quickly and easily replace one separator with another.

Precision is key: be sure to specify separators precisely. (The list “brown dog, gray cat, white bird” is separated by a comma and a space; “brown dog,gray cat,white bird” is separated by a comma.) Also be sure no item contains the character combination you’re indicating is the separator.

To use the “specify” field, just enter the character(s) that are your separator. If it’s two line breaks, for example, hit two returns; don’t write in “2 line breaks.”

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