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The SitebySunrise Website Package
What does the SitebySunrise Website Package include?

The SitebySunrise Website Package includes:

  • An attractive web design customized from a premium WordPress theme from or
  • Home page, FAQ and About Us statements written by an experienced marketing and publicity writer, each up to 500 words
  • Your choice of one of the following promotional methods:
    • A “rack” style full-color brochure — written and designed
    • A press announcement — written and distributed electronically to any list you provide
    • An email sales letter — written, designed and distributed to any list you provide
  • Search engine optimization
  • 3 months free web hosting
Where will my website be hosted? is the premier host for WordPress sites, optimized for easy WordPress installation and site management. SitebySunrise uses Bluehost.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system on the web. As of 2013, more than a fifth of all web pages were created and managed using WordPress, including outstanding designs for companies like GM, UPS, VW, and Sony. (For more, see

The reason behind WordPress’s popularity is simple: the easy-to-use admin screen makes content management convenient — no technical knowledge necessary. This means you can add to and update your site as your business evolves, without depending on techies and webmasters.

Read our article “Why Use WordPress? Advantages for Small Business Websites” to learn why WordPress is the right choice for you.

Do you provide technical support?

Ease-of-use is the #1 reason behind the popularity of WordPress. However, for clients who need quick answers about WordPress (or even their Bluehost hosting accounts), SitebySunrise offers 3 months of free support. Feel free to get in touch at any time via our contact form, or phone 347-547-6024.

Bluehost also offers outstanding technical support for the life of your Bluehost account.

How soon can my site be up & running?

Your custom design, complete with home page, FAQ, and “About Us” page, can be up and running in as little as a week from the time you finalize your order. For premium customers, we also offer expedited service that can have a basic website up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Once you’re satisfied with your site, we work on your promotional brochure, press release or email, finalizing it in as little as 48 hours.

What happens after my 3 months of free web hosting?

After your free 3 months, we’ll send you a link to the Bluehost registration page, where you can sign up for your private hosting account. We’ll then transfer all your content to your private account. The transfer will be seamless, with no downtime, and your customers will never know the difference.

Sales Brochures
What’s included in your brochure writing and design service?

We provide copywriting and free design. Our free consultation includes a preview of the brochure design we want to customize for you, based on the information you send us about your product or service. You’ll be able to picture your brochure before you spend a dime.

What files do I receive?

You’ll receive your final brochure as a high-quality PDF file, ready for forwarding to your commercial printer. We also print 100 copies free (tri-fold “rack” brochures only) and offer great rates on reprints.

You offer 100 free copies. What’s the quality of your “free printing?”

We print on solid 100 pound stock with aqueous coating — full color, full-bleed.

As a SitebySunrise customer, you can also expect very reasonable rates when you decide to reprint with us.

Why can’t I just purchase my own template and customize it myself?

You certainly can! Bear in mind, it’s your message that motivates customers, and when you work with us, you get potent sales copy delivered in a great customized design. However, if you’ve already written your sales message and want to choose your own design, we can still save you time and money.

Save 20% when you order any brochure template through us. Our StockLayouts annual subscription gives us access to all their templates. This allows us to pass significant savings (and great designs) on to you.

We’ll even edit the template for you — populating it with whatever sales message and images you provide. And we offer very reasonable rates when you’re ready to print.

Contact us to let us know which template you’d like to use.

Press Releases and Email Sales Messages
What’s included in your press release writing and distribution package?

We write up to 750 words and distribute your release via email to any press list you provide. Don’t have a list? We’ll compile a press list of up 50 relevant contacts (specialist journalists and blogs). Use it for this and future press releases.

What’s included in your email sales letter package?

We write, design, and distribute your message to up to 5,000 of your opt-in contacts. Your message can be as long as 750 words. Messages can include up to four merge fields, so you can customize messages for individual contacts.

Working with SitebySunrise
How do I get started?

Begin with a free consultation. We’ll evaluate your goals and suggest a design that will best convey your company’s message and image.

Once you choose to work with us, we’ll then contact you for more in-depth information about the product, service or event you’re promoting. We conduct a brief interview by phone, Skype or email to be sure we’re on the same page regarding your sales message, and conduct further research as necessary to write it well.

We work with you until you are completely satisfied with both copy and design.

Why are your services so inexpensive?

We aim to be a service you’ll turn to again and again, as your business grows. We’re confident that once you’ve seen how much time and money you save working with us — and the power of our copywriting to win you sales and clients — you’ll want to take advantage of the full range of our marketing communications services.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via Paypal. You don’t have to be a Paypal member to use your credit card at their site.

For websites, we require a payment of 50% when we start the website project and the second half when we begin to draft your promotional brochure, press release or email. For “á la carte” brochures, press releases, and email sales messages, we require 50% payment when you book, and 50% when the job is complete.

I have other questions — how do I get in touch?

Use our contact form, or phone us at 347-547-6024.

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